Sunday, September 26, 2010


I've been having a lot of fun cooking up my CSA veggies recently and taking pictures of them. It all started with this penguin:

who was almost too cute to cut up into ratatouille:

which cooked down a ton and was very yummy!

Here's a cabbage and potato soup I made with yellow potatoes. It smelled delicious--bacon, caraway seeds, and cabbage sauteed together. But I think the recipe called for too much stock because it didn't taste nearly as mouthwateringly yummy as it smelled.

This pizza earned a great compliment. I was asked by the man of the house, "Why did you buy pizza?" My reply was, "Thank you." The sauce and the basil were from the CSA and a friend's garden. The dough was homemade but everything else came from the store. Gone in a day, of course.

Cranberry beans are so beautiful but mysterious. Where do the colors go when they cook? These went into a more flavorful cabbage and pork stew that was less photogenic, however, so not included.

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