Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Moments to Remember

While I admit I have been making mental notes about things I won't miss about being this large, I've also been realizing that there are some things I will miss. Number one is feeling the baby move. It's mostly second nature now but every so often I think about it and realize how odd and cool it is. Especially when I can feel and see an elbow or when Kip does this turn/angle thing which causes one side of my belly to jut out.

I'll also miss the automatic seat on the subway which started once the winter clothes came off. I've noticed that moms with strollers or baby carriers don't get those offers nearly so much. My favorite was when this older man jumped up from his seat and guided me by the elbow to the empty seat. A gentleman in New York!

I'm not sure I'll miss the constant questions about due dates and the gender of the baby, though. I wish I had thought to tally all the predictions to see if there was a trend and to see if the majority was right.

And the unwanted advice--"you shouldn't be walking alone right now" or "it's too hot for you today, you shouldn't be out"--how else do I buy bread or go to the doctor's? Also, recently, the strangers who comment about how it's going to be any day now. Thanks for reminding me how obviously over-pregnant I am!

The funniest stranger moment, though was this woman who decided to talk to my belly. She was standing behind me in the grocery store checkout line as I swiped my credit card. In a singsong voice, she asked when I was due, "Today? Tomorrow? Tonight?" And then when I answered her follow up question about gender she replied, "What a lovely surprise!" Finally, she leaned over and said to my belly, "See, this is a credit card. When you come out, we'll go to Bloomingdale's!"

Old Ultrasound Pics

Ok, these are from April but I never published them. They're a good reminder for me while I wait that there really is a baby in there, not just some wiggly creature that doesn't want to come out!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

prego pictures

I know I've been horrible at updating the old blog but now that I'm playing "wait for the baby" I feel a little more inspired. These photos go chronologically backwards.

toasting with Abby at Rachel's wedding; my favorite preggie pic (there have been no more recent ones for good reason!!)

a cliche I know but barefoot was the way to be at an outdoor wedding

8 month belly at wedding rehearsal

posing for Rob's drawing; I look morose because I'm not good at modeling

a few weeks or so after that

blurry pic from Brenda's wedding in March