Saturday, September 04, 2010

100th Post--took long enough!

For my 100th post, I thought I'd do a little summer in review, starting with some fun dining moments. And, yes, contrary to evidence here, E. does wear full sets of clothing most of the time.

"Big box." This was soon to become a common refrain as we packed up 12 years worth of stuff!
Her own box was crucial to the packing process.
Our second big summer project! She's holding the portable potty, on the edge of our new kitchen. All photos from here on are in the new apartment.
This height chart was made by my Grandma Dot for me when I was E's age.
"Off to conquer in my pretty dress."

Note: these photos of "Daddy Cereal" make it look like she snuck some while he wasn't looking. This is a regular routine.
Post-bath baby is always my favorite photo genre.

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Marcia said...

Loved the photos. Looks like you have a lot more room in your new home.