Thursday, October 01, 2009

New word

So, we have "ball" on record as the first one, though it doesn't come into play very often. And a very clear, if very long, Dada (dadadadadaaa). And the occasional Mama (when she needs something). And she usually gestures and say something resembling "that." Which I take to mean either she wants "that" or she's wondering what it's called. Of course, she understands much more than she says.

Well, anyway, yesterday, E. was peering at me across the coffee table, where she was holding on, when she saw a container of Cheerios I'd removed from the diaper bag. Enunciating very clearly, she pointed at them and said, "Good." I'd heard this sound from her before but wasn't sure it was a word until that moment. And what a word--good, meaning yummy, I want some, please give it to me and so forth. R's comment was, "Very biblical of her."