Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Resolution

I realize that I haven't posted since E. finally decided to make her appearance.  I kept saying that I wanted to post her birth story first but I kept procrastinating.  Since the new year is almost here, I'll just resolve to post her story before it begins and resolve to post once a week about E.  (I'm using my friend Rebecca's practice of not mentioning children's names outside of email on the internet).


So, here's the first one, before this year ends.  It's mostly for my sister, Rachel, since she made this lovely outfit.  In the picture she looks like she's sitting up by herself but I wedged a big pillow under her and stepped aside for a second to take the picture with my new computer.

This week, E. has been kicking even more than usual.  She gets herself from her back to her side but not all the way over.  She also can scoot herself up her crib by kicking and I think she's noticed that she can make her mobile animals shake when she kicks.  I wonder what it sounds like to the neighbors below us when she thumps on the floor.  Rob is calling her Thumper now.

I gave her a small bowl of mushed banana today and she seemed to like it.  She jams her fist in her mouth to "help" and then smears it on her bib and eats the bib too.  We had bathtime afterwards.  

She also has been making this noise that I call her fake sneeze.  I think she's blowing air out her lips but I'm not sure.  It sounds like a tiny sneeze but I don't think she really is sneezing.  I haven't caught her in the act yet.