Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tonight's CSA adventure

Appey shock!

This is what my grandfather called it when he was a little boy. The CSA has been kicking my butt with fruit recently so I decided to fight back before my fridge started turning into a science experiment. Inspired by R., I'll include the recipe:

4 lbs apples (with a few pears mixed in to make 4 lbs)
1/2 a lemon
2 pieces of cinnamon
1/2 cup apple juice

Cut fruit into eighths and core but don't peel. Cut lemon into 2 pieces and bring everything to a boil. Then cook until properly mushy--that took me about 1 hour give or take. Then push through a sieve to remove skins, lemon, and cinnamon. The recipes I looked at suggested adding 1/4 cup brown sugar afterwards but it tasted so good I didn't add any. I do think having a food mill thingy like I vaguely remember using in my nursery school would have come in handy at the end but the wooden spoon/sieve combo does the trick and works out your forearm!

I don't know why I never take pictures of the final product (see borscht post below) but it is yummy! It was probably 10-12 apples and 2 pears and it ended up with the middle sized bowl from the borscht pictures mostly full of applesauce. I'm thinking about taking some in to school to have my city kids taste something beyond Motts but I don't know if R. Z. will let me! Maybe he wants it all to himself!

More CSA Treats

Borscht ingredients (clockwise from left): beets, red cabbage, carrots. Yes, those multicolored things are some very cool carrots! Not pictured: kielbasa, onion, garlic and other things I've forgotten. Hurray for the food processor!