Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reading and Eating

So I've been having lots of fun pureeing food recently.  I started with squash (acorn and butternut).  Yesterday was sweet potato.  She's also been eating banana but that doesn't require a food processor.  There hasn't been anything so far that E. doesn't eat but then she loves anything that goes in her mouth, even the liquid vitamins.  

I've also been enjoying reading Babybug and some board books to her.  She usually flaps her arms at the pages but this time she combined her love of books with her love for food!


Ok, so I know I haven't kept my resolution yet but I do have some excuses.  I'm going to explain in alliteration.

Travel:  unexpected trip to New Orleans followed just recently by a planned trip to Pittsburgh to introduce E. to my grandparents.

Tough cough:  E. had her first cold and we went to the doctor's an extra time just to make sure she was fine.  She is and the cough is now gone.

Teaching & tutoring:  getting back into the swing of things has definitely taken up some time.

Teething:  this didn't keep me from blogging but it's a T and it's the newest thing E.'s doing.  I can feel (Rob felt it first) the edge of the tooth and I think it explains why she's waking up in the night when she wasn't before.