Monday, March 24, 2008

A postscript for my last post

So, the last week before spring break is always Spirit Week at my school and this year one of the dress-up days was "dress like a teacher" day. I put my hair up and wore my glasses to dress like Mrs. Gosson, my third grade teacher. A few of the girls in my class dressed up like me (with no pregnancy additions) and really didn't look much like me--no curly hair, for example. But then the k, 1st, & 2nd grade teachers all decided to dress like me too. And they all used varying sizes of pillows to make themselves enormous. I just hope some of them get that huge someday!

The kindergarteners had really funny responses to their teacher's sudden pregnancy. A lot of them were sure she really was pregnant and so she decided she had to quell the rumors by showing them her pillow. Even after she did this, and left it on her chair, one little girl kept asking her, "When is your baby coming out? Is it still in there?"

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