Sunday, April 20, 2008

This is a science project I'm doing with my class. We're all trying this at home to see what happens to the onions over 5 weeks. My hypothesis is that they will sprout but then rot. I have two set up because someone was absent and unable to do it this weekend. But I don't get why the water on the right is orangey. It's really not just the table wood showing through. Could it be rotting already?? (Please ignore the bread crumbs--as noted above I've been a mad baker recently).

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Rebecca O said...

I pretty sure it's yellow becausae of the onion skin. I colored eggs this Easter using the skins from RED potaotes thinking it would turn the eggs lavender - but the eggs turned yellow. Weird.
This explaination does not cover why on earth the other onion's water is still clear.