Sunday, March 09, 2008

Belly weirdness

So last week I had to get dressed up for my school's auction/fundraiser. And it took me a long time to pick a dress--I finally ended up wearing a black knit dress that my mom sent me which isn't maternity but had some room. Since I had a nice necklace on, I didn't have to go home and change.

Anyway, when I got there I went into the ladies room with my friends and my first reaction was to try and suck in my stomach. Because you could see easily how it was poking out in the dress. And then I realized how silly I was being. That's what it's supposed to look like. But it's still an adjustment.

And now the newest thing seems to be that whenever I see anyone in passing, they feel duty bound to comment on my belly and how I'm starting to show. Ugh. A friend even took a picture of me at a bridal shower and, aiming at my belly, said, "Smile, baby!"

Hopefully the novelty wears off soon for those I see all the time. But then I'll have to deal with R's wedding when I'll see all sorts of family for the first time and I'll be huge. I guess I could post a picture on here to forestall some of that.

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Rebecca O said...

Please Please post belly pictures!