Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not on the list!

A week or two ago I wrote down on a page in my calendar a list of things I'd like to do before going back to school for preplanning. On it were things like wash the windows, work on my reading and writing curricula, finish my Great Conversation reading for this month, etc. I clearly did not write down totalling my car on that list!

Obviously, life is not controlled by lists. However, I'm trying to work on that mental bitterness that creeps in every so often so I'll try and make a new list of things I'm grateful that the one who controls life took care of:
  • no one was hurt
  • no screaming or yelling or crying happened after the fact from the other driver or me
  • both parties had insurance
  • my friend J. and her newborn that I was supposed to have lunch with were not in the car
  • my husband was able to get there really quickly to deal with the tow truck guy
  • while the first cop who handled it wasn't nice, he wasn't mean either
The details: I was taking a left turn and I think (when you hear people say "it all happened so fast", they're right) I misjudged how far away the oncoming car in the opposite lane was. All I know for sure is that I saw it right there at the last minute and slammed on the brake but it was too late. The second scariest moment after that one was when I tried to get out of the car and the door wouldn't open all the way--I had visions of those tv shows in which the crashed car bursts into flame or explodes on impact. But I managed to get myself out and I remembered to take my purse and insurance info.

Poor car. Below you can see a picture I took with my cell phone. As R. said, it was our first car together and it was good to us. It even appeared in one of his paintings.

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