Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Things

What is it about the newness of new things that makes them so attractive to me? I don't think I'm alone in this but I always seem to get excited about trying new things that I've purchased. The new thing could be as simple as a new hair product or as complicated as a new pattern for knitting. But there's something about the newness that gets me. I always have to wear new clothes right after I get them and my husband will tell you I have difficulty finishing off the old cereal before opening a new box.

In some ways this isn't a bad thing. My CSA gives me new and different fruits and veggies every week which forces me to come up with new recipes. And I'm all for breaking from routine in cooking. Today I was especially excited to get blackberries which were a surprise (not on the email list) and a new thing.

But also this love for the new can make me a bad finisher or bad at continuing things. For example, I get excited about joining new groups on the internet, like facebook or blogging, but then I lose interest when something else new comes up or when I get too busy. My blog and lack of emails to friends and family are evidence enough. So maybe I need to find ways to make the old seem new again and/or apportion new things so they don't take over. My new knitting project can't be started until September since I signed up for the knitalong--maybe then I can focus on other things first. But the yarn is really nice. . .

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