Sunday, October 02, 2005

Just a regular week

Except that I was sick with a cold for about half of it. I would come home, sleep on the couch for a while, feed the cat, sleep some more, feed myself, grade papers and go to bed. But I guess that helped because I'm better. And now I haven't blogged for over a week.

It was just a regular week, although I took the kids to the Met. It was fun showing them all the pottery and jewelry and they were pretty good about not getting freaked out by the naked statues. I think they missed the nudity on some of the Olympic amphoras. I'm hoping.

Anyway, it was neat watching them engrossed in drawing things from the various cases and labeling and comparing drawings with each other. I always get a kick out of how easily they get to work--they seem so mature! One or two wanted to stay longer and couldn't believe it when I said we'd been there for an hour. Of course, I had one sour-puss who said he thought it was a waste of time but that he was glad we had missed reading. Great. But later I heard him say he loved history which was a big step because he so often shares what he hates.

My sister says I need more picture. Guess I have to dig out the camera or post old pictures of the cat.

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