Friday, February 26, 2010

Toddler Lexicon

Can you match E's animal sounds to the correct animal? Answers will be at the bottom of the lexicon entries.
1. baa 2. riis riis 3. mehh 4. ruff ruff 5. rarrrr 6. cheep cheep
7. nee 8. ssss 9. boo

animals: snake, frog, sheep, goat, cow, chick, lion, dog, horse

Commonly used words, with her pronunciation if different in parantheses.

ball (baa)
bowl (bow)
box (bah)
call (caw)-refers to phone
car (caw)
clean (key)
cold (cole)
comb (coe)
da daa
dog (not sure but she says something close)
dressed (dess--as in let's get dressed)
eat (ee + baby sign--fingers to her mouth)
ear (EEuh)
go (emphatic g sound)
juice (deuce with lots of excitement & sometimes a dance)
kitty (key)
maa maa
Max (mask with deliberateness in the sounds) *from Max & Ruby but it was also supposed to be her name if she was a boy
mouth (meh)
neck (neh)
night night (nigh nigh)
nose (d'oh or doo)
shoe (doo)
teeth (tee)
that (dah with pointing)
tickle tickle tickle (ticka ticka ticka)
train (tai)
tree (tee)
yum (eyuh)

ashes ashes (more or less- means she wants Ring a Round a Rosy)
ee ha
ei ei (Old McDonald request)
gock ee

Animal answers: 1. sheep 2. frog 3. goat 4. dog 5. lion 6. chick 7. horse 8. snake 9. cow

I'm sure there are more words that I'm missing or that she's just now working on. So fun!

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