Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bits of Summer

I've been meaning to upload some summer photos but I realized I don't have that many! Note to self--must take more pictures!

Anyway, here's one of Emalyn early in the summer in my old wagon in Stockbridge. She seemed to enjoy being pulled around the driveway, though she kept trying to grab for the wheels.

In other news, she's getting three top teeth at once. She got her first two on the bottom at 5 months and it seems like it's taken 5 more months for these ones to appear. Strangely enough, only one of them is a front tooth--the other two are the incisors next to the front teeth. Snaggletooth!

Also, we've been doing some more swimming. We joined an informal Mommy/Baby swim class at our local pool. She liked it after a while but her first reaction was tears. I think the water was too cold.

We also went to the young children's story hour at the library. Emalyn stared at all the other kids/toddlers and waved her crayons around, tasting them surreptitiously.

Right now she's in bed, hopefully lying down. While she's still not officially crawling, she does like to get into the position. In her crib she especially likes to roll onto her tummy and push herself up so she's sitting. I'm a little afraid that this will be detrimental to nap times but she does seem to get tired and lie back down. Must resist temptation to go check!

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Anonymous said...

I've been babysitting for a sweet little girl who has both her top two incisors and no front teeth... she looks like a tiny vampire! It's too adorable. Every time she grins it makes me giggle.

She was fussy and drooly on Thursday, though, so it makes me think that those front two teeth are preparing to put in an appearance.