Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Far is a Foot?

To most of us, not that far.  A mere 12 inches.  But watching E. tonight, it seemed like a foot was a mile!  She was having "tummy time" on my bed, crowing away, when all of a sudden she laid her head down and started pushing her butt up in the air with her legs.  I thought it was really funny at first and then I realized she was moving.  Probably a centimeter or two at a time.  But somehow, by doing the butt-push, she managed to make her head and the rest of her body move forward.  Keep in mind that she hasn't rolled over yet and can only sit upright with the judicious help of pillows.  

I wanted to see how far she would get so I eyed a vertical line on the sheet on Rob's side of the bed.  Her head was in the middle of the bed so that was about a foot away.  She kept scooting slowing and then I decided to give her a more visible sign of her goal.  So, I put my hand on the line and thumped it on the mattress.  She thumped her hands back and kept going.  After a few more minutes, she was much closer and was able to touch my hand with hers, by stretching out her arm.  But that didn't seem good enough for her because she kept at it.  She kept putting her head down and pushing hard with her legs to get that heavy diaper bum in the air.  

Finally, the top of her head touched my fingers and in one more scoot, she was able to put my finger in her mouth.  That was her reward.  And my reward, besides mommy pride?  A bite mark from her new tooth!  Mommyhood is filled with mixed blessings, I'm learning.


Pat said...

I love these updates. I feel like I am missing so much. What a goal she set for herself!
E must have been very proud of herself.

Emily said...

Cute story. Thanks for sharing!