Thursday, March 30, 2006

My cat can tell time

Since I've had Spring Break from school for the past two weeks, I've been meaning to get back into my blog. And I was finally forced to because I wanted to call my friend and tell her this story but then I realized she was on an airplane so why not blog.

Anyway, Ariel, my cat, can tell time. When I'm sleeping late, she always kind of nudges me to make sure I really want to do that. Also, when it's time to feed her (6:30) she starts yowling at me and every time I make a move from the couch, she goes galloping into the kitchen. Sometimes she'll start around 6, just to let me know it's almost time but she gets really serious when it's 6:30.

Side note: I used to feed her in the mornings after I showered but she was such a royal pain on days when I wanted to sleep in that I stopped that.

So, the funny thing is, recently she's been starting her feed me yowl around 5 or 5:30. I joked to my husband that she's ready for Daylight Savings Time, thinking it was a few weeks off. But then when she did it again today, I checked my calendar and it's this weekend. How does she know??

This bums me out a bit, though, because I have to go back to school on Monday which means I'll be getting up at 5 am rather than 6! And I've been so happy with 7:30-8 or later if I'm really sleepy.

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